Trucks with wire fencing arrive in Slovenian village on border with Croatia


Trucks carrying wire fencing arrived in the Slovenian village of Veliki Obrez close to the border with Croatia on Wednesday, a day after the government said it would start to put up fences to help control large numbers of migrants, Reuters news agency reported.

A Reuters photographer at the village saw many soldiers and policemen, and said they expected to start erecting the fences in the coming hours.

The Slovenian government has so far not said where and when the fence building would start, according to Reuters.

According to Slovenian STA news agency, which cited unofficial sources, the building of the fence in the Brezice area should start at midday.

STA said that a train with 1,067 refugees had arrived in Dobova from Croatia at 1am and another one, with about 1,000 people, was expected to arrive at around 8am.