Vidosevic’s 4 accomplices sentenced after plea-bargain with USKOK


Four persons indicted for corruption along with former Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK) chair Nadan Vidosevic on Tuesday admitted to the charges, plea-bargained with the anti-corruption office USKOK and were sentenced to community work or received conditional sentences, prosecutors confirmed.

The key people in a corruption scandal called Remorker – the owner of the Czech-based Remorker company, Igor Premilovac, and marketing expert Davor Komericki, who connected Vidosevic with a ring that siphoned money from the HGK, were sentenced to one year in prison each and will do community work instead.

Premilovac will have to pay into the state budget HRK 2.9 million, which is the value of commission he earned from money he took out from bank accounts abroad and returned laundered to Croatia.

The owner of a real estate company and Vidosevic’s real estate advisor, Vesna Rodic, too, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to a suspended sentence of 11 months, with a four-year probation period. The court also imposed a suspended sentence on Jasna Mrakovcic Grubic, who was indicted for having siphoned money from the HGK with Vidosevic through feigned purchases of works of art. She will not serve a year-long prison sentence if in the next three years she does not repeat the offence, but she will have to pay 50,000 kuna in fines and pay back 750,000 kuna to her company that sustained financial damage due to her wrongdoing.

Arriving at the court, Vidosevic said that he did not know why the other suspects in the case were accusing him and expressed confidence that he would successfully contest the indictment. A decision on whether the court will confirm, reject or return the indictment for completion will be known most probably on Thursday.

In the indictment against Vidosevic and eight other persons prosecutors have requested taking from Vidosevic HRK 39 million of illegal gain.

The prosecutors base the indictment on a financial analysis that revealed significant discrepancies between Vidosevic’s income and his property. They have also moved confiscating a part of his art collection which according to expert estimates is among the most valuable ones in Croatia.

Vidosevic is charged with having siphoned money from the HGK for years and with having defrauded it, with the other eight suspects, of at least HRK 36 million. USKOK believes that Vidosevic was the mastermind of the group, charged, among other things, with a number of criminal acts involving abuse of powers.