Zagreb Noir anthology launched in USA


US audiences will be acquainted with works of prominent Croatian authors whose stories make up “Zagreb Noir”, an anthology of 14 short stories thematising the Zagreb noir scene, at a number of presentations that started with one in San Francisco last week.

The anthology was published as part of the Noir Series of the US publisher Akashic Books, launched in 2004 and conceived as a literary walk through the dark streets of world urban centres in crime stories by prominent authors.

So far, the series has had more than 90 editions dedicated to cities around the globe, from New York and Los Angeles to Paris, Moscow, Istanbul, Mumbai and Buenos Aires.

The Zagreb Noir collection was published by Durieux as part of its Durieuxnoir edition and it brings 14 stories by some of the most interesting contemporary Croatian authors, selected by Ivan Srsen.

Srsen is one of the authors in the book that also brings stories by Ivan Vidic, Josip Novakovich, Andrea Zigic–Dolenec, Robert Perisic, Mima Simic, Pero Kvesic, Nada Gasic, Zoran Pilic, Ruzica Gasperov, Darko Milosic, Nora Verde, Neven Usumovic and Darko Macan.

The anthology was translated to English by Ellen Elias-Bursac, Will Firth, Stephen Dickey and Coral Petkovich.

The first launch of the book was held in San Francisco last week.

The anthology was presented at the 38th conference of the American Literary Translators Association (ALTA) in Tucson, Arisona, on October 30 and it will also be presented in New York, Washington and Chicago next week.