Australian who joined Kurds against IS reportedly detained in Germany


Sydney (dpa) – An Australian who fought against Islamic State with Kurdish forces has been detained in Germany and may be charged, it was reported Thursday.

Ashley Dyball, a 23 year old from Queensland, was in Europe taking a break from the battlefield when he was detained by German authorities, his lawyer Jessie Smith told the broadcaster ABC.

Smith said it was unclear whether Dyball would be charged by German authorities or deported back to Iraq, where he had flown in from.

If Dyball returns to Australia he may be charged as it is a crime to join armed forces fighting to overthrow a recognized government.

It is unclear whether this would include fighting against IS.

Dyball, who also uses the name Mitchell Scott, left Australia earlier this year telling his family he was going on holiday but later sent messages he had joined Kurdish group YPG fighting Islamic State in northern Syria.

He posted on Facebook that he was willing to sacrifice his life “to help liberate the innocent children and women to give them a better chance at life.”

A friend told reporters Dyball had a lot of friends in the Australian army but had been rejected when he tried to join up.

On Thursday Dyball posted on his Facebook site: “[I] would personally like to thank the German government for classifying me as a security threat and deporting me back to Iraq my apologies for trying to make the world a better place.”

Two Australians – Reece Harding and Ashley Johnston – have been killed fighting with the Kurdish YPG.