Average Croat household’s expenses EUR 10,665, most goes on food


The average Croatian household’s outlays for consumption were HRK 81,054, and of that nearly 30% were spent on food and beverages, while costs for housing and energy and transport were the second biggest outlays, according to a report published by the national statistical office (DZS).

The DZS on Wednesday published the report on main characteristics of the household costs for 2014 based on a survey among over 2,000 households, which shows that the average household expenses were HRK 81,054, and 29.5% of this sum went on food and beverages.

Broken down by the type of costs, outlays for food and non-alcoholic drinks were the highest, HRK 23,934, with food expenses reaching HRK 22,155. Of those 22,155 kuna, HRK 6,746 were spent on meat, and 3,751 kuna were spent on bread and cereals, while the costs of milk, cheese and eggs totalled HRK 3,429.

The average household spent HRK 2,705 on vegetables and 1,514 on fruits.

The non-alcoholic beverages cost 1,778 kuna, and the average household’s annual expenses on alcoholic beverages were HRK 1,045, and 1,624 kuna went on cigarettes.

The costs of alcoholic beverages and cigarettes accounted for 3% of the total annual costs.

The housing costs and energy costs made up 16.3% of the total outlays, and transport costs accounted for 13%.

The average Croatian household spent HRK 5,416 on clothes and footwear.

A total of HRK 4,812 was spent on leisure and culture.

(EUR 1 = HRK 7.6)