Croatia to issue bond on domestic market


The Croatian government will publish a prospectus on Thursday for the issue of a bond on the domestic market, which is expected to amount to HRK 5 billion, Hina learned on Wednesday from an unofficial source in the banking sector.

The bond will mature in 2026, the same source said, adding that the bond could amount to more than HRK 5 billion, in case of an increased demand.

Regional Development and EU Funds Minister Branko Grcic said on Wednesday that preparations were under way for the issue of the last bond on the domestic market this year.

Asked about possible problems with temporary budget financing, Grcic said that financing was proceeding as planed. “The Finance Ministry is doing its job regardless of the fact that the present government is a caretaker government,” Grcic said.

On the same note, a 10-year state bond amounting to HRK 5.5 million, with the interest rate of 5.25% matures on Tuesday, Dec 15.

(EUR 1 = HRK 7.63)