Grcic calls on Bridge to nominate parliament speaker candidate


Deputy Prime Minister Branko Grcic of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) on Tuesday called on the Bridge party to nominate its candidate for the post of speaker of the new parliament.

“We are ready to support their nominee,” Grcic told reporters, adding that in that way the new parliament would be inaugurated and talks on the formation of a new government could continue.

He recalled that the SDP had responded to questions on the necessary reforms as requested by Bridge. “There is a high level of agreement between what Bridge proposes and our views and I think that’s a good basis for us to continue talks.”

Grcic said that the responses had been written by him and other ministers, namely Economy Minister Ivan Vrdoljak, Agriculture Minister Tihomir Jakovina, Finance Minister Boris Lalovac and Environment Minister Mihael Zmajlovic.

Grcic would not comment on the responses by the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) party, stressing that what was important to him was what Bridge thought of the SDP’s responses.