Honorary Moroccan Consulate opens in Rijeka


The Honorary Consulate of Morocco was officially inaugurated in the northern Adriatic city of Rijeka on Thursday and the Moroccan Honorary Consul will be businessman Asad Sabo Ajel.

Croatia and Morocco established diplomatic relations after Croatia gained independence. Morocco opened its embassy in Zagreb in April 2013.

“Rijeka was not selected by accident but for an obvious reason and that is the fact that it is the biggest Croatian port and an excellent location for the entry of commodities in Europe as well as for exporting commodities out of Europe,” Moroccan Ambassador Moulay Abbès El Kadiri El Kadiri said.

He stressed that Morocco was very interested in Croatian products, primarily in the timber and shipbuilding industries and in exchange it can offer chemical industry products, very developed fisheries and agriculture, namely fruits and vegetable.

The ambassador expressed hope that in the next several months, namely after the appointment of the new Croatian foreign minister, the two countries would sign a bilateral agreement on forming a Croatian-Moroccan business council which would help advance the two countries’ business relations.

Speaking about the honorary consul, the ambassador said El Kadiri was also not selected by accident but for his qualities and expertise in import-export jobs and the fact that he is “an Arabian Croat”.

“Croatia is a country that has been making progress since it gained independence and it has reached a very high level in the international relations,” Ajel said. “To represent Morocco means more than honour to me, it is a duty and responsibility,” he added.

Ajel has a successful import-export business between China, Malaysia, Dubai and Morocco.