Mass grave site with Srebrenica victims found in east Bosnia


A mass grave has been unearthed near the town of Zvornik in eastern Bosnia and it presumably contains the remains of Bosniaks killed after the fall of Srebrenica in July 1995 at the hands of the Serb forces, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (B-H) prosecutorial authorities confirmed on Monday.

Exhumations commenced at the site on December 4 under the supervision of forensics experts from the B-H war crimes department. “According to initial information, this has to do with Bosniak victims killed after the fall of Srebrenica in the summer of 1995,” a press release from the B-H prosecutorial authorities notes without specifying the number of remains found and in what state they are in, however, authorities have confirmed that this is a primary grave site and that the victims were buried there immediately after being executed.

It is estimated that Bosnian Serb army and police units commanded by Ratko Mladic killed around eight thousand Bosniaks after the fall of Srebrenica.

According to data by the Institute for Missing Persons from B-H (INO), to date the remains of 7,100 victims have been identified, 6,500 of whom are buried in the Potocari memorial centre. The search continues for a further 1,700 people reported missing.