Milanovic, Kalmeta, Cvitan on probe into parl. seats’ trade-off


The caretaker Prime Minister and Social Democrat (SDP) chief, Zoran Milanovic, said on Thursday that the anti-corruption investigation agency (USKOK) had not summoned him for questioning over media reports on alleged trade-off in parliamentary mandates.

“I was not summoned, and I see no reason why I should be summoned. I went public with the offer to (Bridge leader) Bozo Petrov to be parliament speaker… I don’t know if (USKOK) has summoned others,” Milanovic said before the new parliament failed to elect its speaker, and consequently has not yet been inaugurated.

In response to reporters’ remarks that Bridge spokesman Nikola Grmoja stated that Milanovic should be questioned by the police over “a secret meeting” with Drago Prgomet, who was thrown out from Bridge after that, Milanovic replied “I do not know who Grmoja is, he is not an elected MP, so…”

The media also have carried stories implicating Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) official Bozidar Kalmeta into the recent developments when Mirko Raskovic, a former Independent Democratic Serb Party (SDSS) member, decided not to support the SDP although initially he had done it together with other SDSS elected deputies.

Grmoja also said that Kalmeta should be interviewed by the police about this case.

“Where does (SDSS leader Vojislav) Stanimirovic get off thinking that all Serbs in Croatia must support the SDP. I know Serbs who are in favour of other options,” Kalmeta said today arriving for the parliament’s convention.

Kalmeta said he believed that ethnic minorities’ MPs should not tip the balance when it comes to who would form a new government, and admitted having met Raskovic.

“He (Raskovic) and I met for coffee for five minutes. I have known the man for ten years, and politics was a topic least discussed,” Kalmeta said.

Arriving for the planned ceremony in the parliament hall, USKOK Director Dinko Cvitan told reporters that he needed to see the findings of criminal investigations before making any conclusions about the latest developments.

He briefly said that all those who should be questioned regarding seats’ trade-off speculations would be summoned.