Petrina says new elections are nothing to be afraid of


The head of Primosten Municipality, Stipe Petrina, who recently left the Bridge reformist party, said on Sunday that one should not fear the new elections and it would be better to spend HRK 150 million on them than to have to endure for the next four years an incompetent government which would eventually cost the country HRK 150 billion.

Petrina said in a political talk show aired on Croatian Television that he would not support the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) but that this did not mean that he would support the Social Democratic Party either.

He, however, confirmed he would definitely run in the event of new elections.

Commenting on a possibility of a grand coalition, Petrina said that if the SDP and the HDZ did not want it, Bridge could not longer insist on it, but choose a side and support it.

He also said it was not smart of Bridge to nominate its candidate for the position of prime minister designate, but that the party first needed to define if it wanted new elections.