Prgomet: HRID will talk to both SDP and HDZ and then decide who to support


After a party meeting on Wednesday, HRID chief Drago Prgomet told reporters members of his party would hold negotiations with both major coalitions over the next week, present them with their reform conditions and then make a final decision on giving their support.

“We do not advocate the idea of a grand coalition. We are prepared to talk to both the Social Democratic party (SDP)-led coalition and the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ)-led coalition and present them with the conditions under which we are prepared to support them, set deadlines by which we want our conditions to be implemented and make a final decision very soon, given that the party presidency is set to convene in exactly one week,” said Prgomet, the leader of the newly founded HRID party who was ha recently been ousted from the Bridge Party for taking a meeting with Zoran Milanovic without the knowledge of Bridge.

He said HRID would make its conditions public so that everything is transparent. We will also talk about HRID’s participation in the executive authority.

Asked if HDZ chief Tomislav Karamarko and SDP leader Zoran Milanovic were acceptable to HRID as prime ministers, Prgomet said HRID had no say in who major parties would nominate for the position of prime minister designate.

He underscored he was not afraid of new election, but that it was the responsibility of politicians to do everything to avoid it. He reiterated there was not disagreement between HRID members.