Pupovac doesn’t rule out SDSS support to HDZ-led government


Independent Democratic Serb Party MP Milorad Pupovac said on Sunday that in the process of forming the new government his party preferred to support the Social Democratic Party (SDP)-led coalition Croatia Is Growing, but for the stability of the country and a possible centre-right government, the SDSS did not rule out its support to the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ)-led coalition, should the SDSS and the HDZ manage to find common ground.

The Novi Sad-based daily cited Pupovac as saying that it appeared that who ever manages to form the government, that government cannot be stable, particularly not without six ethnic minority deputies, including two of the SDSS.

He said that although not all option had been exhausted and political parties were still attempting to find a solution, Croatia was closer and closer to the new election.