Raskovic says will back those who secure 75 seats


Sibenik-Knin County deputy prefect Mirko Raskovic, who was elected a parliamentary deputy of the Independent Democratic Serb Party (SDSS) and who in the meantime left that party, said at a County Assembly meeting in Sibenik on Monday, that he would support the bloc in the 151-seat parliament that manages to secure the support of 75 MPs, and it is possible that his vote may be the deciding one — the 76th.

Addressing today’s session, Raskovic explained that he had tendered resignation as the Deputy County Prefect in order to be able to activate the mandate of MP, and his resignation would go into force upon the inauguration of the new, eighth parliament. However, the parliament has not yet been formed, and he may continue performing his duty as Deputy County Prefect.

Raskovic said that he had not attended today’s round of consultations with President Grabar-Kitarovic on nominations for Prime Minister-Designate, saying that he had a busy schedule in the county.

Raskovic also declined to give any more comment on pressures he had been exposed during cross-party negotiations on nominations for PM-Designate. He only said he knew who had threatened him and that he had been questioned by the prosecutorial authorities over the matter.

After the first round of the consultations in late November, Raskovic said that he had been received by the President alone and not in an SDSS delegation, explaining that he had asked the Croatian head of state to protect him against various kinds of pressure.

In the meantime, he resigned as a member of the SDSS whose another two deputies signed a declaration of support to the Social Democrat leader Zoran Milanovic as a future PM-Designate.

President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic has requested the National Security Council to launch an investigation into the leak of a document from the Security and Intelligence Agency (SOA) regarding Raskovic’s role during the 1991-1995 war, spokesman for the President’s Office Luka Djuric said on Monday.

The Telegram weekly has published an unclassified SOA document about Raskovic’s role in the war, signed by the then SOA director Tomislav Karamarko, now the leader of the the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) party. The HDZ condemned the publication of the document, calling on the state leadership to protect former employees of the intelligence system.