Toy bomb gets British plane passenger detained in Bali


A British national who tried to bring a toy bomb onto a Qatar Airways flight was detained by police on Indonesia’s resort island of Bali, an official said Monday.

The man was removed from the plane on Sunday as it was about to take off, after a request by security officials at Ngurah Rai airport, said Shively Sanssouci, a spokeswoman for the airport operator Angkasa Pura.

“He brought a toy that looked exactly like a bomb,” she said. “He’s now being questioned by police.”

Local media said the man was stopped by airport security officers after an X-ray scan showed a suspicious object, but was initially allowed to board after he surrendered the toy bomb.

As the aircraft bound for Doha was taxiing down the runway for take-off, a further request was made for him to be removed for questioning.