Zagreb Mayor and 15 others indicted

Zagreb, 20.08.2014. - Konferencija za novinare zagrebaèkog gradonaèelnika Milana Bandiæa u povodu poèetka distribucije besplatnih udžbenika u zagrebaèke osnovne škole. foto FaH/ Lana SLIVAR DOMINIÆ/ lsd

Croatia’s anti-corruption agency USKOK has issued an indictment against Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic and 15 other persons and two companies suspected of murky dealings in the case dubbed Agram, the first in a number of cases against the person who has been at the helm of Zagreb for more than 12 years.

Bandic and the others are indicted for abuse of position and powers, influence peddling, tax evasion, customs fraud, obstruction of evidence, forging official or business documents, inciting or procuring others to commit perjury, the Chief State Prosecutor’s Office said on its website.

Bandic is charged with making illegal transactions in doing business with the CIOS company, owned by Petar Pripuz who is also indicted, and the Bramgrad Projekt company, owned by Branko Mihaljevic. USKOK also indicts Bandic for damaging the city and the state budget with the contentious financing of his presidential campaign in 2009.

The mayor is also charged with influence peddling while allegedly having unlawfully hired personnel in the City Administration and the Zagrebacki Holding company. Bandic is also accused of having used official vehicles for his private purposes.

Among those 15 accused are executives in companies owned by the city of Zagreb.