Opposition MP says glad to see that Crnoja realised his mistake


MP Pedja Grbin of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) on Thursday commented on Veterans Minister Mijo Crnoja’s resignation, saying he was glad that Crnoja had realised his mistake, but also warned about the fact that the government had spent one fifth of its term in office so far to make a decision on Crnoja which raises a question of how the government will be making decisions on difficult issues ahead of it.

“I am glad that Minister Crnoja realised how much he was wrong and what kind of damage he managed to inflict on the government and Croatia in his short term in office of a total of five days. I regret however that in order for him to do that it was necessary to submit so much evidence … However, this episode has showed us that while forming the government, the Croatian Democratic Union and the Bridge party did not take into account the fact that some persons were not suitable for ministerial positions,” Grbin told Hina.

He added that the scandal involving Crnoja “left us with a bitter taste in our mouth and with a question whether Mr Crnoja is the only one” with such incidents in his past.

Grbin also said he was confident that Crnoja’s case had revealed tha Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic had absolutely no control over who was entering or leaving the government.

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