Bridge MP says Crnoja assumed moral and political responsibility


Bridge MP Miroslav Simic said on Thursday evening his party respected and agreed with the decision of Veterans’ Minister Mijo Crnoja who earlier this evening submitted his resignation to Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic and thus assumed his moral and political responsibility.

“We entirely understand that these past two days haven’t been easy for Crnoja and that they haven’t been easy for the Croatian public either. We gave ourselves some time to establish all the facts and the fact is that there are no elements of criminal responsibility, but there are elements of moral and political responsibility which Crnoja decided to assume,” Simic told the press outside the government headquarters.

He underscored that Bridge respected everything war veterans had done for the country and what Crnoja had done, adding however that at this moment Crnoja decided to assume moral and political responsibility.

Simic also stressed that the process of making the decision lasted long because they wanted to establish all the facts.

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