CHF loan holders pleased with talks with ministers of finance, justice


Representatives of Franak, an association of Swiss franc loan holders, said on Wednesday that they were pleased with the talks with the new ministers of finance and justice on the conversion of the loans and that, although nothing was solved today, they believed a solution would be found in further talks.

“They are open for talks,” Goran Aleksic of Franak told reporters after meeting with Finance Minister Zdravko Maric and Justice Minister Anto Sprlje, adding that they informed the ministers about irregularities in the conversion and what they expected of them.

We expect all the irregularities to be dealt with, including the methodology for calculating the initial fixed margin, and the adoption of a law on the return of overpaid interest rates, although this can also be agreed with the banks “if they are smart,” Aleksic said.

He said the new ministers responded to Franak’s demands positively but that “nothing has been promised… Let’s not rush… We’ll reach the goal.” He added that the ministers “realise that there are irregularities and that they should be solved.”

The meeting was held on the last day of a year-long fixing of the Swiss franc-kuna exchange rate to CHF 1 for HRK 6.39. Five of eight banks which offered Swiss franc loans have decided the fixed exchange rate will remain for clients who have agreed to converting their loans but have not done it yet.

Aleksic said there would be no effect on the clients of the banks which retained the fixed CHF-HRK exchange rate, while the banks which raised the rate after the loan conversion would return that money to the clients.

Franak has 30,000 members, one of them, Denis Smajo said, adding that they reminded the ministers of their promises in the election campaign and that they expected them to keep them, of which they would remind them every day.

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