Court orders 30-day custody for Bosnian media tycoon Fahrudin Radoncic


Bosnian influential politician and media tycoon Fahrudin Radoncic will remain in investigative custody for a month, the Bosnia and Herzegovina State Court ruled on Thursday.

The court upheld the prosecution motion to remand Radoncic so that he would not obstruct the investigation or interfere with witnesses. “Evidence shows that there are reasonable grounds to suspect that the suspect committed the alleged crime,” the court said in a statement.

Radoncic was arrested on Monday on suspicion of obstructing the course of justice and unlawful offering of gifts or benefits. He allegedly exerted pressure on a witness in the case of Naser Kelmendi, leader of a Balkan crime ring on trial before a court in Pristina, trying to get the witness to protect him and Kelmendi against charges of organised crime and the murder of Ramiz Delalic, a Sarajevo underworld figure killed in 2007.

Radoncic is the leader of the Alliance for a Better Future (SBB), a deputy to the upper house of parliament and the owner of the highest-circulation Dnevni Avaz daily. He is also suspected of using political corruption to secure the post of Ambassador to Slovenia for Nermana Hadzijahic, a favour to her husband, Zijad Hadzijahic, an employee of the US Embassy in Sarajevo, whom Radoncic had asked to check whether he was under investigation and whether his phone was tapped.

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