HDZ chief: Names of cabinet ministers to be revealed by Thursday


Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) leader Tomislav Karamarko said on Monday that the names of ministers in the new Croatian government would be revealed to the public no later than Thursday.

“I hope the process (of negotiations on the future cabinet) will be finalised on Wednesday, or by noon Thursday at the latest, and we have agreed not to go public with the names until the last moment,” Karamarko said in his party’s headquarters.

Prime Minister-designate Tihomir Oreskovic is due to outline his agenda in the national parliament on Friday, and Karamarko said that the agenda would include the curtailment of the public debt and the improvement of Croatia’s credit rating so as to obtain loans at lower interest rates which would be used to kick-start the economy. “(The loans) will not go to non-profitable and public sectors, but to the real sector,” the HDZ chief said.

According to him, the HDZ and the Bridge reformist party, which will form the new government, are going to sign an agreement on cooperation in the coming days.

“We will see when we will finalise it, perhaps today, or tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow. It may also be after the formation of the government. Everything is going as planned,” Karamarko said.

Asked about possible steps in case Slovenia and Austria closed their borders to refugees, Karamarko said Croatia would do the same.

“This is a domino effect and the whole of Europe will have to take it into account. What can we do with so many immigrants if other countries refuse to accept them?” Karamarko said in his explanation whether Croatia would close its border if Slovenia and Austria did it first.

The HDZ chief expressed concern over a possible escalation of the ongoing refugee crisis and accused the outgoing Croatian government of inaction and lack of cooperation in handling the crisis.

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