Karamarko: Classic harangue launched against Crnoja


The First Deputy Prime Minister and President of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), Tomislav Karamarko, said on Thursday evening that a classic harangue was launched against Veterans’ Minister Mijo Crnoja, adding that he had proved that everything was a lie and a deception.

“In the past several days we have been listening, watching and reading about grave accusations against Veterans’ Minister Mijo Crnoja and it was our opinion that we needed to approach this problem seriously. We studied everything in detail and we asked legal experts to voice their opinion and Crnoja had proved that all of it were lies and deceptions. A classic harangue that was unnecessary,” Karamarko said outside the government headquarters.

He declined to reveal the name of the new veterans minister saying that the name would be revealed in due time.

He also said that no court could find Crnoja guilty cause his guilt was non-existent.

Karamarko also underlined that Crnoja was an honourable war veteran who knows a lot about veterans’ problems.

As an honourable man, Crnoja has resigned because he could no longer tolerate this, Karamarko said.

“In the past two days he wanted to prove to us all that he did nothing unlawful and that he did not break a single law. After that, as an honourable man, he decided to say that he was leaving with his reputation intact,” Karamarko said.

Asked if Crnoja resigned over pressure from the Bridge party, Karamarko said: “There were several scenarios but there was certainly no pressure from Bridge.”

He also declined media speculation that this caused problems within the Croatian Democratic Union.

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