Majority of opposition against limiting discussion on new govt.


The chair of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) parliamentary group, Igor Dragovan, said on Monday that most parliamentary groups, at today’s meeting with Speaker Zeljko Reiner, were against a proposal to limit Friday’s parliamentary discussion on the new government only to parliamentary groups.

Dragovan said every new government so far had been discussed openly and without restrictions in parliament and that this practice should not be “breached”. As for the possibility of the sitting taking long given the agenda, he said those in power could have convened it for Wednesday or Thursday instead of Friday.

The deputy chair of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), Ivan Suker, said he had expected the opposition to reject the proposal. He said it was in the parliamentary majority’s interest that the public saw the proposals of the HDZ-led Patriotic Coalition, the Bridge party and others backing them.

He said the opposition, when it was in power, fought to include in parliament’s Standing Orders a provision stipulating that parliamentary groups could agree that groups alone could speak about a topic instead of MPs individually.

Suker also said it was not important how long the sitting would take but the message MPs would send.

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