Montenegrin parliament votes confidence in Djukanovic Cabinet


After a three-day debate, the Montenegrin parliament late on Wednesday evening voted confidence in the government of Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic, and the decisive factor for the government’s survival was the support of the opposition Positive Montenegro party.

The initiative for the parliament to take a vote of confidence in the government came from the government itself, which accepted Djukanovic’s proposal to that effect, after the Social Democratic Party (SDP), its coalition partner until now, described it as a technical government with no legitimacy.

Apart from Djukanovic’s Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS), the Djukanovic Cabinet received support from the minority parties – the Croatian Civic Initiative (HGI), the Liberal Party, and Albanian minority parties, as well as from the opposition Positive Montenegro party, which replaced the SDP’s Ranko Krivokapic in the ruling coalition.

Positive Montenegro made its support in parliament conditional on the adoption of its platform for overcoming the political crisis, which envisages continuation of the Euro-Atlantic integration process, the opening up of the government to the Opposition and quality preparations for the coming parliamentary elections.

Djukanovic called on all parliamentary parties to participate in running the country, ceding to them some ministerial positions and positions of assistant ministers, as well as the position of the deputy prime minister so that they could supervise the work of his office, notably during preparations for the coming elections.

Throughout the three-day parliamentary debate, protesting supporters of the Democratic Front opposition coalition were outside the parliament amidst tight police security.

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