Slovenia letting through only migrants seeking asylum in Austria or Germany


The Slovenian government on Thursday adopted restrictive measures for the reception of migrants on the Balkan route and as of 10 pm today will receive only those who prove that they will seek asylum in Austria or Germany, while others will be turned back, Interior Minister Vesna Gjerkes Znidar said.

Speaking to reporters, she said control of the green border would be stepped up too.

The decision comes as a response to Austria’s decision to restrict the number of migrants to whom it will grant asylum in 2016 and the years ahead and to let through only those who plan to seek asylum in Germany, while others, including those with criminal records or posing a security risk, will be returned to Slovenia.

Gjerkes Znidar said Slovenia successfully monitored its border with Croatia and controlled the migrant flow. She said it was too early to say how Croatia would respond to Slovenia’s measures.

The Slovenian government has not set a limit for the daily flow of migrants arriving via Croatia. “Our government has drawn up a plan for a possible escalation of measures to prevent Slovenia from becoming a hot spot where a large number of migrants will remain,” the minister said, adding that the Slovenian government had notified Croatia of the new migrant entry rules.

Gjerkes Znidar said the measures coming into force today did not mean that Slovenia would not abide by the Geneva convention on international refugee aid.

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