Bridge: No one said we want to hire more staff


After some of the cabinet ministers last week voiced a need for extra staff, the ruling Bridge party stated on Monday that no one had said that their aim was to hire more staff.

“The ministries will be organised in an optimal manner in order to achieve the planned strategic goals, including an efficient public administration that would be a good partner to the business sector,” Public Administration Minister Dubravka Jurlina Alibegovic said on the party’s Facebook page.

The minister said that hiring would be possible only by applying a two-for-one formula, namely that it would be possible to take on a new employee only if two left the public administration service. She announced downsizing and merging over 200 agencies into considerably fewer efficient entities, streamlining their work and cutting jobs that overlap across several agencies.

“Public administration and new hiring must be geared towards an efficient public administration and strengthening services that the government provides to the business sector,” Jurlina Alibegovic said.

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