Brkic says Coordination Council working around the clock


The nominations for new deputy ministers and assistant ministers will certainly be proposed at the next meeting of the government, in line with the existing legislation, Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) secretary-general Milijan Brkic said on Thursday evening after a session of the council for cooperation between his party and the Bridge party.

Addressing reporters after the three-hour session, Brkic, who is one of the two co-ordinators of the said council, said that this body would “work around the clock” and that the nominees for deputy and assistant ministers would be known by the next cabinet meeting.

Brkic recalled that the Cooperation Council of the HDZ-led Patriotic Coalition and the Bridge party was an advisory body while the ministers would decide on whom to select for their deputies and assistants based on the proposals made by the council.

Ivan Kovacic, the Bridge coordinator of the council, said that all was moving into the right direction.

Asked by the press why HDZ official Bozidar Kalmeta decided to withdraw from his parliamentary duties, Brkic said that before the election, Kalmeta, the mayor of Zadar, had said that he would freeze his parliamentary term, if elected, as he was performing “the responsible mayoral duties”.

Brkic declined to answer questions from the press whether Kalmeta may be soon faced with an indictment.

Kalmeta is the second HDZ parliamentarian who has recently decided to freeze his parliamentary term. Brkcic did it so a few days ago explaining that he would be fully committed to the role of the HDZ Secretary-General.

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