Council for Cooperation agrees quotas for deputy and assistant ministers


The Council for Cooperation between the Patriotic Coalition and the Bridge party on Wednesday agreed quotas for deputy and assistant ministers and are now discussing possible candidates for these position and everything will be resolved in the next few days, the Council’s coordinators Ivan Kovacic (Bridge) and Miljan Brkic (HDZ) said after the meeting.

“We agreed all quotas for each ministry regarding deputy and assistant ministers. Talks are continuing about potential candidates and everything will be completed in a few days,” Kovacic told reporters.

Underscoring that they had approached the matter seriously and wanted a complete solution and not partial, Brkic explained that coordination with ministers would commence on Thursday. That means that the Council will propose potential candidates to ministers who will then conduct interviews with them and then decide who their associates will be and will present them at the next government meeting, he added.

“Our intention was to resolve this partially by tomorrow but we reached an agreement not to resolve this partially but to come up with a complete solution at the government meeting. By then we will have completed all the preliminary tasks – coordination, interviews of candidates with the ministers,” he said.

Asked whether they had discussed executive positions in public companies, Brkic said that they were going step by step.

He added that the former government had left behind several ‘bombshells’ and adopted acts when the election had been called and have confronted the next government with a fait accompli situation. “Prior to that they had prepared some acts where they instated their people based on political appointments and have left the next government with their hands tied because they cannot finish what the previous government had started,” he said.

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