Karamarko hopes Brkic will become new war veterans’ minister


Deputy Prime Minister and Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) leader Tomislav Karamarko has said that he still expects the appointment of HDZ Secretary-General Milijan Brkic as the War Veterans’ Affairs Minister.

As for the relaunching of proceedings to strip Brkic of his professional degree because he allegedly plagiarised his graduate thesis, Karamarko said on Thursday that this matter had re-emerged as soon as the HDZ nominated Brkic for the ministerial post.

In that context, Karamarko said that “Brkic is exposed to blows from those who should have already been replaced by now and they will be replaced.”

The HDZ chief, who gave this statement before a ceremony of the HDZ branch in the town of Nova Gradiska for its 26th anniversary, accused the former government led by the Social Democratic Party (SDP) of abusing the system, including the prosecutorial authorities and the intelligence agency (SOA), in the fight against the HDZ over the past four years.

Karamarko criticised the Zagreb-based Police Academy for being “politicised”. A few days ago, the Academy stated it would relaunch proceedings to strip Brkic of his professional degree because he allegedly plagiarised another work for his graduate thesis.

In mid-2015 Zagreb’s Administrative Court quashed the Police Academy’s decision which annulled Brkic’s thesis on grounds of plagiarism. Judge Tamara Bogdanovic earlier quashed the decision because of a procedural error, given that the decision had been made by the academy’s dean and not an expert council. The academy’s decision annulling Brkic’s thesis was published in the Official Gazette on 27 March 2014. Two days later, HDZ president Karamarko said Brkic had tendered his resignation but that before making its decision, the party leadership would wait for the Administrative Court’s ruling on a complaint Brkic had filed against accusations for plagiarism.

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