Minister bans new hiring in health sector


Health Minister Dario Nakic on Tuesday decided to impose a temporary ban on hirings in health institutions. The minister’s decision followed after he saw figures according to which 500 people were given permanent employment contracts between November 8, 2015, when the parliamentary elections were held, and January 25, 2016.

Nakic told Hina on Tuesday that immediately after stepping into office he had requested data on the number of people employed in the health system and that those data showed than in the past two and a half months workers and non-core workers in the health sector have been employed in some health institutions.

The decision to ban new hiring, which was sent out to all institutions in the health sector last week, is aimed at preventing abuse of circumstances while the new leadership hasn’t yet got full control over the sector.

Croatia’s health system employs a total of 73,000 persons of whom 12,000 are doctors.

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