Minister says family farms foundation of agricultural development


Speaking of his ministry’s first moves, the new Agriculture Minister Davor Romic said on Sunday that the ministry was preparing a budget that would amount to slightly more than HRK 6 billion and stressed that the foundation of agricultural development in Croatia were family-owned farms.

In an interview with Croatian Television Romic said that there would be no new hiring in his ministry and that talks were under way on restructuring and ways to make savings in the ministry.

He said that he would work intensively on the allocation of unused state-owned land, which covers an area of around 750,000 hectares.

Romic said that as a professor at the Faculty of Agronomy he had authored many studies and that he wanted to use his knowledge to help in the development of the national farming sector.

Stressing that family-run farms were the foundation of that sector, he noted that agricultural development required cooperation between family and industrial farms and that the Agriculture Chamber played an important role in that cooperation.

He also said that allocated grants to farmers would not be cut.

An association of family-run farms called Life has sent a letter to Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic asking for talks on what it describes as the main problem of the national agricultural sector – creating conditions for family farms to have the place in the national economy which family farms in developed European countries have.

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