Seks says relations between him and Karamarko cold


A long-time politician and member of the ruling Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) party, Vladimir Seks, said on Sunday that he was very much certain that in upcoming intra-party elections he would not be running for party president, noting that member of the European Parliament Andrej Plenkovic would be a good president of the HDZ and describing his own relations with current HDZ leader Tomislav Karamarko as ‘cold’.

Speaking in the political talk show “Nedjeljom u dva” on Croatian Television, Seks said that he would not be running for HDZ president and confirmed that he would submit his candidacy for individual party bodies.

Asked by the programme’s host if Plenkovic would be a good choice for HDZ president, Seks said that he had a very “high opinion of him” and that Plenkovic was a politician of a European profile.

“A top Croatian politician and my friend. But I leave it to him to decide on that and say what his plans are.”

Asked to describe his relations with Karamarko, Seks said that they were “cold, non-existing”, adding that he did not believe speculation that Karamarko thought that he (Seks) was heading a group in the HDZ wishing to replace him.

“But, maybe he thinks that I can cause him a lot of trouble,” Seks said, recalling that he had told Karamarko that internal conflicts in the party should be solved through a democratic dialogue rather then by excommunicating opponents, citing as an example the expulsion of former prime minister Jadranka Kosor from the party.

Asked about the functioning of the ruling majority, Seks said that there was some disaccord that would not go away until the Bridge party became disciplined. Currently the ruling majority is in constant turbulence, Seks said, expressing hope that decision-making mechanisms between Bridge and the HDZ, the strongest member of the Patriotic Coalition, would fully stabilise.

Commenting on relations within the ruling coalition in the context of Social Democrat Ranko Ostojic’s appointment as chair of the parliamentary Committee on Domestic Policy, which was supported by Bridge while the HDZ voted against Ostojic, Seks said that coordinated action in such an important matter was obligatory.

He noted that he was optimistic regarding further developments because Bridge wanted to stay in power.

At the start of the talk show, Seks said that he had not politically retired even though he lost his last position, that of an advisor to President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic, because he wanted to help change the situation in Croatia “where divisions and conflicts are growing deeper and deeper and an overture to a verbal civil war is under way.”

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