Silver Centre to train dogs to help epilepsy patients

Rehabilitation Centre Silver

The Zagreb-based “Rehabilitation Centre Silver ” has launched new programmes for training of instructors for assistance dogs that should become seizure response dog, and this has been the first programme of this kind to be conducted in Croatia, the Centre recently reported.

The centre’s director director Marijan Alfonso Sesar has stated that for this purpose the centre had invited Belgian Caroline Thienpont, one of the founders of the Belgian school for training seizure dogs.

Tasks for seizure dogs may include the following: find someone to help, activate an emergency response system, stimulate a person to help them “wake up” after a seizure, act as a brace to help the person up, retrieve a phone or medication,
physically remove the patient from an unsafe situation etc.

“Rehabilitation Centre Silver ” is a particular institution of social care which trains assistance dogs (guide dogs, service dogs, service dogs for children) to be used in the rehabilitation of disabled persons and children with developmental difficulties. The basic programmes of the Centre developed from the programme of the Croatian Guide Dog and Mobility Association.

Golden and labrador retrievers, popular as a disability assistance dog, are the most common type of dog in the centre.

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