Slovenia FM: Cooperation in managing refugee crisis improves with new Cro gov’t


The cooperation between Slovenia and Croatia in managing the migration crisis has been much better since Croatia got the new government, Slovenian Foreign Minister Karl Erjavec told the national broadcaster on Sunday, adding that his Croatian counterpart Miro Kovac is scheduled to visit Ljubljana in March.

“Cooperation with the new Croatian government regarding migrants is much better than with the previous government led by (Prime Minister Zoran) Milanovic,” Erjavec said in an interview broadcast on Sunday.

Erjavec said that he had already met the new Croatian Foreign Minister Kovac during multilateral events, and that Kovac would pay a visit to Ljubljana in March.

Erjavec said that the economic relations between the two neighbours were good, while he did not expect swift headway to be made in efforts to resolve the outstanding issues such as the border demarcation.

He added that the security situation in Slovenia was not undermined by the tide of migrants, and criticised the Opposition of trying to stir up fears in this regard with no reason.

According to the Slovenian police data, only 382 migrants crossed into Slovenia from Croatia on Sunday, which was the lowest daily intake since the start of this year. As many as 96,125 migrants and refugees crossed the Croatian-Slovenia border since 1 January 2016.

On Sunday, 357 migrants went further to Austria which imposed a daily limit on the number of migrants and refugees entering its territory several days ago.

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