“Traitors” protest held in downtown Zagreb


More than a thousand people gathered on Monday evening outside the government headquarters in Zagreb and held a peaceful protest rally dubbed the “Traitors” protest, organised by the Workers’ Front, in an effort to express their disagreement with what, as they said, “the new government is doing, saying and aiming at,” as well as against “those in the government.”

One of the activists read out the reasons for the protest and came across a general acclamation at the statement, “We don’t want Karamarko to determine what can be said in public.” She said that this right wing government represented the “most extremist government in Croatia since the 90s.”

The Workers’ Front said that they did not wish to live in a country in which “professional ‘patriots’ were making up lists of undesirables, abolishing civil unions, putting restrictions on medically assisted insemination, destroying culture (which barely existed even now), freedom of the media, while at the same time robbing society, cutting workers’ rights, cutting pays and favouring corruption.”

The protest was organised, as they said, because they “want a society of solidarity, equality, social justice and tolerance and not a society of hate, exploitation and intolerance.” Amongst else, the protesters said they “do not consider ‘professional’ veterans” to be the measure of everything and “do not believe that being different is a bad thing,” stressing that “the HDZ (Croatian Democratic Union) did not create but robbed Croatia.” They also said they were protesting because they do not want “NDH (WWII Independent State of Croatia) sympathisers to be ministers of culture.”

The protest started at 1830 hours and lasted about an hour. No incidents were reported.

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