Dubrovnik’s main street closed for Star Wars dress rehearsal


The main street through the historic old city of Dubrovnik was closed on Wednesday evening as the Star Wars film crew tested the set before the filming starts on March 9.

This was the first time that the main street, the Stradun, has been closed for all pedestrians and security is tight. The street was blocked with white panels and on every side street that leads into the Stradun there were security guards.

Dubrovnik Mayor Andro Vlahusic told reporters Wednesday this was one of the most complex film project in the world and that Dubrovnik was happy to be able to host it.

The filming of Star Wars episode VIII begins in Dubrovnik on March 9 and is scheduled to last until March 16. Security at the actual filming will be extremely tight with a reported 600 security guards employed. Every angle will be locked down and a special team will be in Dubrovnik to deal with the problem of drones filming aerial shots.

According to unofficial sources, a team of “drone guards” will be using frequency blockers and long-distance jammers to take down drones above the set.

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