Junior ruling party chief dissatisfied with how gov’t works


The Croatian Social Liberal Party (HSLS) leader, Darinko Kosor, on Thursday expressed dissatisfaction with how the government was functioning and with how parliamentary committees were working, and said that “either we all need to reset, or we are going to new elections”.

Kosor made this statement after the parliamentary committee on media on Thursday morning postponed its session at which it was due to have discussed the dismissal of the director of the national broadcaster (HRT), Goran Radman, and nominees for his successor.

The leader of the HSLS, a junior partner in the ruling coalition, told reporters he did not know the reason for the session postponement and that the answer should be given by the committee’s chairman, Andrija Mikulic of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ).

He went on to say that he was angered by this way of functioning of the ruling coalition and the government.

“This no longer makes sense to me. I believe that citizens do not understand and support this. We all need to reset, or go to a new election,” Kosor said.

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