Campaign “Flower for the Flower Square” at 16!


Mayors Milan Bandić desecion  where he said to the florists that they can not hold flowers outside their shops pissed off a lot of people. Municipal security guards are all time in the Petar Preradović Square.

Florists said that municipal security guards did not give them ticket but they worn them to put the flowers inside the shops.

In a Facebook Group “Why love Zagreb” people are commenting. “And so, this morning I was going to the work and passing through Flower’s Square…but there are not flowers any more.. I thougth, maybe I get something wrong.. Then I saw one pretty guy so I asked him where are all the flowers gone, and he said sadly: “Municipal security guards told to us that we have to put it away. That Mayor told that”

“People, what’s happenining in our beautuful town? We have to save Zagreb before it s too late.”

“What the hell are flowers bothering him? Fuc… fountains!”

“Put Horvatinici’s terrace away and you can roll over in a space.”

“That man is absolutly crazy. Flower’s Square without flowers? Whyis he not in a Remetinec? And what are we waiting for, let s go..”, are some rectiones of pissed off cityzens.

There is also a group called “Flower for the Flower s Square” wich is inviting everybody: “Dear citizens, we have to defend Flower’s Square of the mayor who desided to abolish a soul of a Square what are flowers. Come today in 16 pm on Flower’s Square, leave a flower in the middle of a Square and let’s tell Bandić that we want Flower’s Square with a lot of flowers not terraces.”

Let s reminde, protests for the Flower s Square were a lot- six years ago Petar Preradović Square was “renimed” from a side of the acitivists “Green Action” in to “Vicitim’s of Milan Bandić Square”. Table with that name was removed after few hours, but prophecy is now- Flower’s Square is now most reconcibile  after Horvatinčić s coffe-shop with a winter terrace which got permit in a last moment in a mistical way.