Croatia’s Very First BOSK Gluten-Free Standard Awarded to Zagreb’s Hotel Esplanade

Esplanade Zagreb Hotel

Croatia’s first gluten-free standard, known as BOSK, was presented for the first time at Zagreb’s hotel Esplanade. The prestigious hotel itself recognized BOSK’s significance and has since implemented the strict standards it dictates, as such becoming the first certified Croatian hotel with a gluten-free offer. The BOSK Gluten-Free Standard is intended for catering industry, offering practical knowledge about the preparation, presentation, and distribution of gluten-free dishes.

The most up-to-date research confirms that gluten is one of the most widespread food allergens. It is estimated there are over 70 million people with gluten sensitivity and intolerance in Europe today, with 190 million people who prefer to avoid gluten and wheat and 11 million people who suffer from Celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder which is the severest form of gluten intolerance. These, and many other facts related to gluten are what led to the birth of the BOSK Gluten-Free Standard, which will enable those on a gluten-free diet to visit restaurants and hotels which have, through implementation of strict standards, earned a BOSK Gluten-Free Certificate, as merely preparing meals with gluten-free ingredients simply is not enough to be labelled gluten-free.

‘Motivated by my own personal experience of being on a strict gluten-free diet while yearning to socialize with family and friends at restaurants, the idea of developing a gluten-free standard was born. From now on, those on a gluten-free diet will be able to trust they are consuming gluten-free meals at restaurants and hotels, knowing that the staff have been acquainted with preparation and serving principles’, stated Denis Delogu, Director at BOSK, the company which developed the standard. In addition to the head of the company, the BOSK Gluten-Free Standard was also presented by Assistant Professor and sanitation engineer Dražen Lušić, Ph.D. (University of Rijeka’s Medical School, Department of Health Ecology), who participated in the standard’s development.

The BOSK Gluten-Free Standard was founded on the basis of scientifically proven and globally accepted food security protocols, as such being based on principles of the HACCP system, good manufacturing practice (GMP) and good hygiene practices. ‘The BOSK Gluten-Free Standard was developed for the purpose of reducing the risk of gluten-contamination, and it prescribes protocols for manufacturing processes of the supply, storage, preparation and serving of food, as well as corrective measures intended to be taken in case of gluten-contamination suspicion,’ stated Professor Dražen Lušić.