Post scriptum – History and Meaning of the Art of Writing

Archaeological Museum in Zagreb

The aim of this exhibition of the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb, which keeps a multitude of historical records from Antiquity to the Middle Ages in its collections, is to associate the development of human consciousness through the spectrum of the development of writing skills in various parts of the world to the techniques and methods of writing.

This exhibition is a brief overview of the vast amount of topics written in ancient writing systems and the scripts which are still used, from hieroglyphs, cuneiform to the scripts of the Near East and the Far East, the scripts which have still not been deciphered to modern day writing systems and typing. Each and every one of them has a different story of its origin, its own methods of writing and aesthetics.

They all give evidence of the extraordinary people who conveyed their ideas, imagination, verses and historic documentation to others, sometimes to distant readers both in terms of space and time. We know that our messages today travel from our gadgets via the Internet to the remote corners of the planet Earth in seconds.

But let us remember the people who sent their words to us from the days of the Pharaohs in Egypt, ancient Greece, China or India and which we can understand owing to the still most powerful apparatus the mankind has – the human mind.

Exhibition organizer: Archaeological Museum in Zagreb
Exhibition authors: Igor Uranić i Filip Beusan
Photography authors: Igor Krajcar, Filip Beusan, Goran Vranić, Ivan Dobrina, Robert Leš
Professional associates: Ivan Andrijanić, Vesna Dakić, Ivan Ferenčak, Kristijan Gotić, Milica Japundžić, Vesna Lipovac, Mihajlo Pažanin, Goran Rajič, Nihal Ramzy, Tamara Runjak, Miroslav Tischler, Maja Turčić, Mira Wolf, Marija Živković, Stipan Kujundžić, Lucija Posavec, Mirjana Polić-Bobić
Graphic design and preparation: Srećko Škrinjarić (Arheološki muzej u Zagrebu) i Maja Turčić
Translation: Vesna Vyroubal, Vlasta Vyroubal
Technical realization:Ivan Troha, Robert Vazdar, Vedran Mesarić, Davor Fakleš
Exhibition duration: 20.12.2016. – 15.03.2017
Venue: Archaeological Museum in Zagreb
Users: All types of visitors