The Night of the Museum to be Held on January 27

Night of Museums

Night of Museums is a cultural event held across Croatia during which entry to museums and cultural institutions is free. The popular even will be held this year for the 12th time on January 27 2017, with museums, galleries and other cultural institutions opening from 6pm to 1am.
The Croatian Museum’s Society has once again organised a fantastic exhibition programme as well as educational and entertainment programmes.
Through activities organised during the Museum Night, visitors are encouraged to recognize museums as dynamic institutions which connect people with global information resources, ideas and creativity they are searching for, as well as institutions that make up the richness of human expression and cultural diversity available to all users on all types of media. Furthermore, it encourages activities that develop curiosity as a motive for visiting museums, museums as institutions of knowledge, and also a space for fun and meaningful leisure activities.
The first Long Night of Museums took place in Berlin in 1997, and the concept has been very well received. It started in Zagreb in 2005 as a pilot project with 6 museums.

You can see the interactive map of the museums in Zagreb here.