Zagreb Boat Show from 22 – 26 February 2017.


To sail, to discover, to live ….

Zagreb Boat Show will take place in the pavilions of the Zagreb Fair from 22 – 26 February 2017.

The 26rd edition will feature world producers of boats, sailing boats, speedboats, rowboats, scooters, kayaks, dinghies, marine engines and outboard motors, clothing and footwear, equipment and accessories for diving, fishing, sailing and other water sports.

Numerous marinas, charter companies, shipyards, agencies, clubs, institutions and associations in the field of boating and nautical tourism will offer their services.

Zagreb Boat Show is the unavoidable meeting point of world famous manufacturers of vessels and local shipbuilders.

Croatian shipbuilders have recognized the Zagreb Boat Show as a venue where Croatian business excellence, tradition and experience, staged in elegant boats, delight visitors and future boaters, so this year a number of vessels from Croatian shipyards are headed for the pavilions of the Zagreb Fair.

Zagreb Boat Show will be accompanied by a number of professional events organized by the associations of small shipbuilders.

Among others, Croatian and international divers will demonstrate their skills in a pool. The show will include many more attractions to make the visit worthwhile.