Audeamus International Festival of Classical Music to be held in Zagreb

Audeamus International Festival of Classical Music

Audeamus International Festival of Classical Music will be held in Zagreb, Mimara Museum, from 20th to 25th February.

For the 2017 edition, Audeamus Festival presents a bipartite survey of chamber music from the postwar Pan-American traditions. Three generations of composers are featured, including Gnattali, Golijov, Piazzolla, Carter, Rorem, Reich, Stucky, Muczynski, Crumb, Ginastera, and Rzewski, as well as the European premiere of “Telephone: Careless Whisper” for bass clarinet and percussion, by emerging, Boston-based composer, Victoria Cheah.

This survey showcases a unique, forward-thinking approach to chamber music composition exemplified by Pan-American composers of the 20th century. Non-standard ensembles, Latin American rhythms, allusions to Blues, Jazz, Pop, Hollywood film, and North American folk music distinguish these composers from their European contemporaries. Adaptations of neoclassicism in the works of Muczynski and Rorem, neo-romanticism in Gnattali, twelve-tone serialism in Carter, as well as the “Neo-Expressionism” of Ginastera’s late period, and postmodern tendencies of Reich’s repetitive minimalism and Rzewski’s unveiled political commentary define the postwar era, illuminating a complex world of myriad stylistic influences and trajectories; a kaleidoscopic tapestry of classical music in the new world.

The Audeamus International Music Festival is as much a celebration of timeless classical music of the past as it is a journey into the unknown – music that is all but forgotten or yet to be conceived and received.  However, our main mission is to reconcile the disparate and often conflicting styles, ideologies, and cultures that formed and continue to form the music of our world, and to realize these ideas on the same platform, in the same sound space, on the same night, and for the same listener.

Taking place over the course of one week, Audeamus presents concerts, masterclasses, and outreach performances throughout the city of Zagreb.  For the duration of the festival, members of the artist roster form a modular ensemble, collaborating with one another in various chamber music settings to realize a program of thouroughly non-standard repertoire.

Audeamus concerts take place at the concert hall of the Mimara Museum.  Masterclasses are presented in collaboration with the Elly Bašić Music School.

Admission to all events is free.