Zagreb public transport announced 4 HRK tickets


Passengers in Zagreb can now use the services of public transport provided by ZET (Zagreb Electric Tram) for 30 minutes and pay 4 HRK. As announced earlier, from today passengers can buy a half-hour ticket and pay 4HRK, as opposed to the cheapest ticket so far which had cost 10 HRK. The new ticket is available in paper and electronic form.

This ticket is designed for short daily trips in trams, buses and funicular, and can be purchased at all retail outlets, kiosks and in vehicles. Travelers who use their value card, should select a 30 minute card before they display their card in front of the device. This ticket will be valid for half an hour, regardless of the direction of travel, while the paper card will be valid in one direction only. Placing the electronic cards without first selecting a half-hour ticket on the device, passengers will buy a normal ticket for one zone at a price of 10 kuna.