En Face Group, after her great song "She Sleeps", which has been among the most listening songs in Croatia for weeks, is the new single "Long Night"!

Music and text are signed by Sandro Bastiančić, while producer Srđan Sekulović-Skansi is producer of the song.
This is the first collaboration between En Face and Scanning, and Sandro has been impressed by the fact that it will certainly not be the last one: "The song" Long of Night "is now the cornerstone. It is unbelievable that we have not cooperated so far, because we immediately recognized what we wanted to get from the song. This is just the beginning and I'm confident we will do lots of great songs together! "

The song, which was to be sung by Emilija Kokić, was due to a car crash in the drawer of Sandra Bastiančića.
Namely, this song was to be found on its sound carrier, but a higher force prevented its coming to Rijeka, and as time passed, the song was almost forgotten. Only small changes were enough to fully envelop the true En Face shine!

The new album is now at the end of the recording, featured in the singles "Stars", "You Are This" and "She Sleeps" will surely be one of the top achievements of En Face!