Hundreds of thousands of Catalan residents came out on Friday in the streets of Barcelona celebrating the national day of the northeastern province that could declare independence from Spain after the regional elections at the end of the month.

The National Day of Catalans marks the defeat they were before 301. year fall under the rule of the royal Bourbon family in the International War for the Spanish legacy. The celebration coincided with the first day of the election campaign in which the coalition "Together for Da", composed of the Catalan left and right, announces the sealing if it won the 27. September

"Independence, Independence!" And "Living Catalonia" were scanned by citizens carrying the striped red and yellow flags of Catalonia. The police claim that 1,4 has come out on the streets, and the organizers talk about two million people.

The separatist coalition, led by surveys, wants to show massive support for a new state-of-the-art project with 7,5 million people opposed by Madrid and Brussels.

Meridiana, one of Barcelona's main streets, promoted citizens by forming a colon of different colors, representing different sectors, "pillars of the future society" such as education and health. The hopping from the north to the southern part of the city was a symbolic path towards the "creation of the republic".

First of all, the parades were members of the separatist coalition whose representative Jordi Sanchez pointed out: "Two million people gathered. Let's go as fast as we can, with legitimate streets and choices. We want the country free from corruption ".

Citizens started exactly at 17.14 hours marking 1714 so. the year when Barcelona fell into the struggle of the Austrian dynasty Habsburg and the French Bourbon family. The Catalans, who were on the Habsburg side, believed that they were fighting for their independence, while the united Spain's advocates claim it was a myth. It has been in the Spanish throne of the Bourbon family.

Raul Romeva, first on the coalition list "Together for Yes", pointed out that the citizens of Catalonia are facing "the most important choices in life".

"We will simply ask people what they want. We will organize a referendum, which we did not allow before, "he announced the announcement of the victory. According to the Spanish Constitution, referenda are allowed only at the level of the whole of Spain.

Spanish Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Saenz de Santamaria accused Madrida of organizing that they took the celebration for pre-election purposes. "This is the celebration of all citizens of Catalonia, neutrality is needed," she noted, noting that all citizens can not pay for the campaign of a few.

Actors of Catalonia, Artur Mas, last year, on a sample of Scotland, wanted to organize a referendum on independence, but at the end of November there was informal dissemination of the citizens to which 40 percent emerged, of which 80 percent voted for the secession.

"We would immediately replace these referendum elections. Because it is blocking the alternative, it does not do anything. Elections remain for us as the only legal exit, "Mas said on Friday.

Coalition "Together for Yes" could win 61 of 135 seats in Catalan parliament, shows the latest CIS poll. In order to win the overweight majority, it could count on the estimated eight places of the left-wing CUP, another formative that advocates independence.

The government thus created could unilaterally declare independence, as the central government of the right center in Madrid does not want to hear or hear about the secession. The general parliamentary elections will be held in December. Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said he would defend the integrity of the country with all legal means.

Spain is one of the five EU countries that has not recognized Kosovo since it unanimously proclaimed independence from Serbia.

Rajoy has been seeking international support for the integrity of Spain this week at meetings with his political allies, Conservatives Angela Merkel in Berlin and David Cameron in Madrid.

Cameron, who recently allowed a referendum in Scotland, where 55 percent of citizens voted to stay in the UK, said Catalonia should be in line with other candidate countries for EU membership in the event of a seizure. Merkel also called for respect for international law and territorial integrity.

The exit from the EU and the eurozone is one of the arguments in which they want to cool separatist ambitions from Madrida. On Thursday, a part of entrepreneurs said politically instability jeopardized investment.

"If the international community has any ambiguity after 27, it will be a pleasure to dismiss them by a referendum supported by the international community," Oriol Junqueras, leader of the left-wing coalition's coalition government, told the celebration.

"This could be the last celebration of the national day before Catalonia's independence," he said.