To be employed by the City Administration and the Zagreb Holding (lo) by party, relatives and friends, and not a secret. This was at the time of the SDP, which was at the time of non-partisan Bandic, which is still today, at the time of Party Bandic, linked to HDZ.

Zagreb mayoral candidate Sandra Švaljek is strongly opposed to this. Proven expertise and honesty must be a condition for obtaining a job, not a party or any other affiliation, even though at the time when Bandic's right hand was still trying to "squeeze" her husband into Holding.

Since Bandic entered the informal coalition with the HDZ, members of the party began to emerge as a mushroom after the rain in the Holding. HDZ-Stanko Gačić took over the Zagreb Marketplace, while a member of the Management Board became his party colleague Bernard Mršo. The HDZs also received "Vladimir Nazor", whose head came Tomislav Družak, known as the head of the company "Glasnik", who gathered donations for the presidential campaign of Kolinda Grabar Kitarović.

Numerous "smaller" HDZs or people close to that party received "less" jobs by holding branches, reveals our source in one of them. He says, most of them are on the Zagreb Roads, known for arresting any kind of personnel, most often the party with which Bandic is at that moment in "hot" relationships. It used to be SDP, until recently Kosor's HSLS, and now it is HDZ.

Sandra Švaljek is opposed to this, but he has "no time" to comment on the case of his wife, who reminded him that he was still close associate of Milan Bandic, and Slobodan Ljubičić, head of Holding, tried to work in that city company. Everything went to the surface, so it was, because of the pressure of the public, that he was out of business.

Recall, the ban on employment in the City and Holding is still in force, but this is obviously valid only for recruitment through tenders. Employment "over the link" seems to be under the bans do not fall.

Apart from the mentioned and unpublished HDZs, they are sold in the City or the Holding and many other people without whom "professional help" seems to have nothing to do. For example, in the ZET, for example, Sarah Ivanovic and Sarah Ivanovic, a model and drawer, Ivan Gabrić, son of Stipe Gabrić Jamba, came to work for Ivan, daughter of Split Mayor Ivo Baldasar, who was Bandic's split man in recent parliamentary elections . The Sports Management Facility also received another Bandic's election partner, Milivoj Špika, but there are also "loud" opponents who found their place under stars under Bandic's robe, such as SDP's Sanje Ožić, HSLS, sheep of Alena Ostojic and others.

In addition to Sandri Švaljek, he also passed on to the trade unionists. Tit is a matter of classical political assassinations of Bandić's Party of Labor and Solidarity and of HDZ, as well as members of some other parties and children of individual politicians. UMr. Bandić's approval, in Holding, there are about 100 people employed, mainly in positions of various leaders and advisers, with net salaries of 10 up to even 15 thousand kuna, said Holding Trade Union coordinator Darko Kleinberger.

Bandic is expected to be denied and says that 16 would not have ruled by Zagreb that he was hiring him in this way ?!

His opponents, on the other hand, claim that this is precisely the reason for his long-standing rule - the arrest. Anyway, in about six months, we'll see whether his latest employment has helped - or has it gone ?!