We talked this morning with Sanjin Španović, who last week presented himself as a new author of N1 television, where he has been watching TV show Veto since Tuesday, broadcasting on local TV Jabuka TV. In the first show, guest was Minister Slaven Dobrović with whom he opened a big topic about rising gas and electricity in Croatia.

Španović has been in journalism for years, since the summer of 2004. when he started his career in the Jutarnji list city hall. Today he is considered one of the best known situation in Zagreb and is a regular commentator of events in the city on all television stations. He reported to Jutarnji, Večernji and Globus from more than 50 countries on several continents, and particularly pointed out the reports from the Syria, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Iraq war zones as well as South America. During the four years, Veto has hosted all the leading politicians, from the prime minister, the presidents of the Parliament and ministers, to the bosses of all political parties.

You recently went to N1 television after years of Jabuci, why?

I was looking for a new challenge and opportunity for a new demonstration. N1 and the team there, led by Tihomir Ladišić, look at journalism the same way as me, as a way of life, and they were therefore a logical choice. Also, here I have complete freedom in work that is unpredictable to a journalist as well as a brilliant production team. It is much easier to get to a high level than to hold on to it, but here I think I can accomplish it with a dedicated work and therefore look forward to the challenge.

Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandić was keen on leaving with Apple. What happened?

Yes, Milan Bandic asked me to withdraw from the program and to quit me because of my critical attitude toward him, and when that did not happen, then he threatened with the payment of public funds from the Media Financing Budget. But my departure was, fortunately, my choice and the deal with the leading people of the television that I grew up in good relationships.

Did the bosses support you in this fight with Mayor Bandic or did you hold your hands right away?

Those who really decide on that television came behind me and never told me I was not allowed to say anything in the air or not, so even when Bandic on the refusal to give me a break, I broke the television contract with Holding. But no longer, I said what I had, that's something behind me, and let those who have sent heartbreaking letters talk about it and bring many of them into trouble with their egoistic moves.

How do you look at Milan Bandic today, what do you think of him?

One of the most socially intelligent people I've met. Incredibly tricky and resourceful, and the person who marked a part of political history. Despite all this, I think that this city of all 16 years is managing the smooth, constant purchase of social peace in order to get the elections. If we add to this many corrupt affairs, the investigation of Uskoka and the detention, it is clear that with him, this city, which I really love, does not progress and retreats. He has borne for these five mandates and our grandchildren, and we pay this for the highest peak in Croatia and for fountains that are nothing but his monument to himself.

"Attacks" and his competitor Sandra Švaljek?

I critically set everyone up and everyone is a blacksmith of my happiness. I do not have anything against anyone, not even Bandic, as well as the Axis. I do not think she is a bad candidate, but the reasons for the attack are given to me by her own statements and actions and the people she has surrounded. I do not like the wisdom of politicians or the imposition of moral values, and behind those who held the same Bandic for three years in the Assembly in a stable coalition and then went for the new elections, forgetting that they benefited from this co-operation with many synaurists. After all, Svaljek himself said that Bandic would be a deputy again.

Do you think SDP will support HNS candidate for Zagreb?

He wants my information, but what seems to me, by the wrong way of negotiating, which the Svaljek can use, which, after the first nervous reactions and the opening of this year's season of dirty campaigns, sneaky attacks to negotiate the armchairs and ruin their credibility. SDP and HNS have to deal quickly and painlessly with Bandic for battle if they want to win.

HDZ still has no candidates?

The SDP has come up to Mrak, and the HDZ is still in the dark as far as the candidate is concerned.

Let's go back to the show now, what can we expect from V on N1 television?

From me like so far, quality and current guests and insist on clear answers. And then, quality and interesting shows that talk about existential issues for our society.

Who is tonight's guest?

I decided to invite the director of the film, Mr. Dario Juričan, who after three years of work on the film about Todorić may be the most talked about Agrokor and the state of the company today. It does not say lazy that the whole of Croatia is fever when Todoric comes to sleep. There is, of course, the current situation around the HAVC, which is enough reason for an interesting interview. Working the Todor's show completely free today is a rarity, and N1 gives it to me.

Some are telling you that you are not objective, to play for a particular party?

The problem of our politicians is that they all perceive themselves, as if they do not see beyond their nose. In such an unrealistic perception of reality, of course, this kind of false labeling is coming. To play for any other party, I doubt that all the political options from HDZ, SDP, Bridge and HNS, HRAST to HSLS will come in the show all over the years, survive in this business. Yes, I have my own attitude, but that's my advantage, because it is the result of accurate information from innumerable sources and wider views on the context, as well as the fact that I've long remembered here for a long time. Well, one day, some politician can not provide documents about hiring a politician's husband, and the other day, defending and pushing it the same way. But, when all this speaks to me from various sides and political poles, then it is a compliment, because I'm all concerned for this critical and objective attitude.