Dario Juric
Voting on the N1 TV, hosted by Veto Sanjin Španović, director of the movie, Dario Juričan, said that he was pleased to update one of the topics he was dealing with Ivica Todoric in his film, which is the case of Smokvica island near Rogoznica, Todoric for years she used her as a summer oasis without paying the state concession.
- I'm glad to have a story with the island of Smokvica because a huge hole in the system was used for which Todoric was a great master. Ivica Todoric bought Grafoplast via Agrokor only to have that island and a resting place. What will this company do for the graphics at all? I have seen these contracts between the local municipality and Grafoplasta, and these are very general contracts that it states that the company has been granted an 30 island concession for a year without any compensation, and that the military can get that island back in case of need, and I do not I see, "said Jurkić.
However, he claims that, according to his information, the state will be very difficult to charge Agrocor for that island, although Minister Goran Maric announces it for days. On the contrary, Juric thinks Agrokor will trick the system again.
- I'm interested in how the state thinks of charging. It is absurd why the Government did not solve it and then announced it. By my information, they will not be charged, especially not in finances, but they think it is being deducted through compensation. Todoric has a special compensation department in which four people work and he will find a way to resolve this case - said Juričan, who thinks the state also has some kind of compe- tition in mind and thinks that they are now billed from Todorić after so many years.
- Obviously they think they have something to squeeze. They felt because of the current situation in which Agrokor was vulnerable and that some accounts with him could be reduced - Juričan said, reminding the HDZ mayor gave Grafoplast to the concession of that island.
Talking about the island of Smokvica Vela Juričan said that this is an example that shows what Todoric wants to get, and as another example he mentioned the case of buying a hut in the Garjavica hut, which Todoric also received with many suspicious moves.
- He bought it from the municipality of Popovača, although the Croatian forests told him that it was theirs and that he did not work, and then got a dispute against him and had to return the money to the municipality, so he would buy it at a double price. It works so well - said Juričan.
During three years of research Agrokor and Todoric have never been concerned with his finances and he thinks he knows why Agrokor has come to a difficult situation today.
The secret of Todoric's success is the financing of all political parties
"He has been overburdened since his nineties. No, I think he is a gambler, but he has too much passion in his business, he wants what he wants. There is more passion than reason, and perhaps that is the reason that Agrokor is in the situation it is today, because you can not have everything - said Juric, who thinks the company at the Agrokor company can not just ruin it.
"I do not doubt whether the state will have to choose between Agrokor and Ina to save Agrokor because it is more important for society," Juričan added.
Juric believes that the secret of Todoric's success is the financing of all political parties.
- At the end of the nineties, a cashier from a liberal party (Libra op.) Came to him and gave him the 50 000 kunnan for the development of democracy and they put them into their financial report. Today there is no such document. But if he gave 50 000 a small party, how much did he give to the bigger, as he said, the development of democracy - Juričan said.
The film "The Boss of Ivica Todoric" will be screened in the mainstream cinemas as well, for the first time in Cinestar at Kaptol in Zagreb, announced Dario Juričan.
- We have been disappointed that the distribution of the film went through an independent cinema, so the film did not come either to Zadar or Šibenik. We were aware of that handicap and obstruction, and so far it has been looked at by more than 12 000 people. But in negotiations with Cinestar, we managed to get started on Kaptol and I think it's a small win, because it's not easy to come to the cinema where Jana and Jana sell together with the popcorn, and the cinemas tributes earn more on it than on the movie cards - Juričan said.
But despite this, the film will not be shown at ZagrebDox although it was created at the festival's workshop.
"I do not know why the movie was not chosen, I think it was a bad decision and they did not need it because it was done at their workshop and was looked at," Juričan said.
He found in the show how he had negotiated and that the book of the Boss came into distribution at the bookstores, but they refused him because they feared Todoric.
- Algorithm, School Book, Ljevak and others told us that they calculated that the Print had so much and so much money that they would not want to blame anyone. I think it's wrong, the algorithm that is on his knees instead of selling a book to be sold, is going to sprinkle the spine of the big boss - Juričan said.
Juric: What the revision wrote about HAVC is a common puddle
Commenting on the situation at HAVC, the film director Dario Juričan said that he believes Hrvoje Hribar made a mistake when he ordered the money to be returned to the movie Masakr na Dvoru but rather that he was supposed to stand behind that movie.
- It was the beginning of that setback for him and Hribar was supposed to stop it because this movie does not talk about who is guilty of Croats or Serbs, but a soldier from the Danish battalion and a soldier's conscience against his duty. The defenders of Hribar were keen on the film, and he immediately washed his hands. What did he do that because the pressures had begun for the movie Master? Can not we make a movie about this country more in Croatia? - said Juričan in the Veto show.
He considers that the state audit questioned the independence of HAVC with its finding.
- What was Hribar supposed to do for a document above the 200 000 kunas to sign a minister and thus question the independence of HAVC because they have to go under the scout of the minister? Here I defend my mind, not Hribar. What the state audit has written is a regular pizdarija - Juričan said.
Commenting on the new vd director of Daniel Rafael, he said he wanted much luck, but it would not be easy for him.
"It will be very difficult for him after Hribar because he was a versatile person and he came from his profession," Juričan said.