From now on, in the narrower area of ​​the Bundek Lake, parking is charged, and this is a sparkling 120 kuna for a daily ticket. Numerous citizens who often come to this Lake of New Zealand through social networks have already rebelled against this new decision by city authorities, but an explanation comes from the city office.

In the City Office for Traffic, in fact, it claims that this decision aims to reduce the number of cars near the lake, which is primarily intended for athletes and recreationals, but also a water protection area. Also, Dinka Bilić's office reminds that drivers near the Bundek have enough parking lots to use. Response of the Building and Marketing Portal Further transfer in full:

- All visitors who come to the Sports Recreation Center Bundek come with their vehicles at the disposal of public street parking in Damir Tomljanovic - Gavran and SR of Germany, and in Središće and Zapruje. There is also a garage of the Bundek Center and a large public parking lot "Velesajam - East", on which daytime parking is charged up to 16 hours at the price of 5 kuna for the whole day, while on weekends parking is free.

Precisely because of the fact that these parking capacities are generally sufficient for the visitor's needs, in cooperation with the Institute for the Management of Sports Facilities, a new traffic regime has been established in the Bundek area with the aim of reducing the number of motor vehicles and their retention on the water supply area of ​​Bundek, whose primary purpose is sports- recreational character.

For all those who will need vehicles to come to the Bundek area for deliveries for celebrations, picnics, catering facilities and various events organized by the City or Citizens, they will still be able to access the parking space only at the central parking lot and below the Freedom Freeway where parking to 15 minutes be free.

Parking outside designated parking areas, green areas and hiking trails will be monitored by the communal and traffic police of the City of Zagreb in order to provide visitors with a space for a pleasant and safe stay in this sports-recreational "oasis" of the City of Zagreb - says the response of the respective City Office, which is signed by the head of the office Dinko Bilić.